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Prince George's County Chapter

“Our Children, Our Commitment, Our Concern”


National Mission

"To create environments within our communities that empower children to have access to quality and appropriate opportunities to reach their optimal potential."



National History

Continental Societies, Inc.®, is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 international public service organization.  Founded as a national organization in 1956 by a group of energetic and dedicated service-oriented women. These women structured an organization to foster, promote and develop the welfare of underprivileged children and youth.

Four groups formed the nucleus of the Continental Societies when women from Baltimore, Maryland; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Newport News, Virginia; and Washington, D.C. met at Colton, Maryland, in June 1956.  This gathering of members from the four chapters constituted the first official Conclave of Continental Societies. It was during this first official Conclave of the “Continental Societies” that the Continental women gathered and pledged to continue to work for underprivileged and disadvantaged children and youth…. giving services and assistance,  which commenced in 1952 while affiliated with a group founded by Marie Poston of New York City, named the Continental Society for the Children of the Virgin Islands.


Chapter History

The Prince George’s County Chapter of Continental Societies, Inc.®, was formed through the efforts of the late Willie Mae Gaston-Ferguson (Deceased), Chapter Founder and Organizer.  Under the sponsorship of the Baltimore Chapter, the chartering ceremony was held on March 20, 1999.

The Chapter has served over 40,000 children and youth since 1999. Many of the over 20 County schools served have benefited from viable programs, which have fostered the growth and development of their children; enriched their lives culturally; and enhanced their social and emotional skills while giving them a better outlook on their socio-economic lifestyles. The Chapter has overwhelmingly embraced women and children in homeless shelters and provided services that directly influence the health and well-being of children in the county.


Annual fundraisers and charitable donations have been established to support programs within the schools and provide scholarships to deserving high school seniors including

students enrolled in Special Education programs.

Our Mission & History

Prince George's County Chapter


Gwendolyn A. Lindsay

National President

Catherine Allen Smith**

Prince George's County Chapter President 

Danise Jones-Dorsey

1st Vice President

Kathryn M. Jefferies

2nd Vice President

Sheri L. Corley 


Financial Secretary

Gloria A. Fuller

Shirley Reynolds White

Recording Secretary

Pamela O. McKenzie

Corresponding Secretary

Brenda C. McClain, MD


Pamela N. Ransome


Marian K. Veney Ashton

Public Relations

Sergeant – at – Arms 

Diana L. Grady

Faye M. Dixon

Immediate Past President & Senior Advisor

Dr. Lois Harrison-Jones Fears*


*Past National President

**Past National Treasurer

Lisa M. Anderson

Everlene Giles Cunningham, PhD

Rosemarie Che-Wah

Jacqueline Fomby

Vestchula Wright Green

Natasha C. Herring

Hazeline T. Harris

Sandra Ingram

Brenda Vy Johnson***

Mia Johnson, PhD

Gail Jenkins

Cecelia Knox

Lorna Valentine Manigault

Creavery Y. Lloyd

Joyce F. Richardson

Donna Ray, DDS

Deborah Smart

W. Chris Stewart*

Loretta Tillery

Bernestine Cordy-Williams****

Jacqueline Williams

Tara Gates Williams

*Past National President

***Past Eastern Region Director

****Past Eastern Region Financial Secretary & Treasurer

Chapter Officers

Prince George's County Chapter

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